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Ready or not, Prix St. Georges, here we come!

I showed Fling Fourth level in 2013 and got our two 60%+ toward our Silver medal.Since then, we’ve been plugging along, but it’s been slow progress. My job, a killer commute, farm maintenance and having two elderly parents in two separate facilities sap my time and energy. Often, it seemed like I was not making any progress at all toward being ready to show Prix St. Georges. Always, it was the flying changes which gave us the most trouble. I’d started changes myself on Fling, having never even ridden changes on a trained horse, and I think I made every mistake in the book. It’s taken a really long time to untrain the bad training, and try and change Fling’s muscle memory and mine. But finally – just when it seemed we were going backwards, I see progress. We’ve been able to do 5 changes across the diagonal – not as straight as they should be – but clean, and without her taking off with her.

The Houston Dressage Society has a schooling show championships in December at our regular show facility, Great Southwest Equestrian Center. Whether we have changes or not, I’m showing Fling PSG there. I have friends going, my trainer is going, and you have to start somewhere!

Her trot work is very good. Her canter pirouettes are good, and her canter half pass is getting much better. Fling has learned to quit pulling , and to be lighter and in more self carriage. Pati often remarks “this horse really loves to work.”  Yes she does, and I love my little workaholic girl to the moon and back!