Stolen trailer! But happy ending!

Memorial Day weekend, a friend and went to a dressage show at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy. It’s our usual place for shows. I unhitched my trailer Friday evening, and we took my truck to the hotel that night.

We got to the show grounds around 6 a.m. Saturday since we both had very early rides. I drove along the long row of parked trailers, looking for mine, so I could stop and pick up my tack and stuff. I made one pass – no trailer. We thought we’d just missed it – it was parked right next to Kathy’s. I drove around again. There was nothing but a trailer-sized empty spot next to Kathy’s trailer. My 2013 custom-ordered 4Star horse trailer, that I had JUST paid off, had been stolen.

I was just devastated. I couldn’t even cry. I was just numb. I called police and filed a report while my friend went to get ready to show. After the police left, I sat at a table, and on my phone, proceeded to blow up Facebook with photos and descriptions of my trailer. My friend hauled Faeryn home for me – I could not even show since all of my gear was in the trailer. So, on top of the trailer, $400 in show fees plus $40 to braid her plus hotel.

When I got home Saturday evening, I got on my laptop and continued to post about my trailer on every horse group I could find on Facebook. Sunday morning I continued my quest. And then I got a phone call from a braider who was working at the horse show. She saw my post and said she was fairly sure she witnessed my trailer being stolen! She described a black Dodge dually diesel that pulled into the parking lot after midnight with no lights, hitched up to a trailer and left. I thanked her and immediately called the Harris County sheriff department to update my report with the description. Then I went back to as many of the Facebook posts as I could find, and updated my post to include a description of the vehicle.

Monday, Memorial Day, as we were sitting down to eat at Cheesecake Factory (drowning my sorrows!) I got a ping on my phone. A Facebook instant message from someone I don’t even know, saying they were 99% sure they’d just spotted my trailer in Cypress. It was so loud in the restaurant, I had to go outside to the patio to make the call. Dubious, but hopeful, I gave the  Harris County Sheriff’s dispatcher my case number and the neighborhood where the truck and trailer were spotted.

And then went back inside and tried to eat. Yeah. Amazingly, within about 30 minutes, I got a call from a deputy. “Ma’am, I think we have your trailer.”

To make a very long story short – they nabbed the guy, my trailer was towed to impound storage and it was 4 days before I could get it back. Fortunately most of my stuff was still in the dressing room, but they had broken into it and tossed or stole about $1200 worth of stuff. I had to pay $350 in towing and impound fees to get my trailer back, lost my entry fees AND the suckiest part — the guy didn’t even get any jail time, despite the fact he had prior arrests for theft, including heavy equipment from oil field companies.

It was truly a miracle I got it back – and it never would have happened without the help and incredible community of Facebook.


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