Me riding Faeth first time

I’ve been really been bad about keeping up this blog, and I resolve to do better. It’s not that I think there are hordes of people out there reading it, but it’s a good tool for me to look back and see my progress, see where I’ve gone off track and generally keep a record of my journey with my horses. But lately, I’ve no had time to WRITE and RIDE! So, to get this blog up to speed…..

In April, I sent Faeth, who had just turned 3, to Erika West Danque in Montgomery, to start under saddle. I had done some ground work with Faeth, but not as much as I generally do before sending a horse off to a trainer. We had a terrible, wet winter, and I had a dental implant in December that abscessed, and I spent 4 weeks on antibiotics, which, in turn, trashed my immune system, and I was then sick with one cold or sinus infection after another for 3 months afterwards.

 Faeth did very well in her under saddle training,  and she soon was doing walk/trot/canter with no fuss and no muss. She is a big mover just like her big brother Faxx, and seems to enjoy her work. I rode her once while she was there, and will ride her more this winter when she goes back to continue her training. She’s getting a much-deserved break for a few months. She’s still only 3!




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