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Faeth has a great show at the 2015 Houston All Arabian Show in January!

2015 HAAS Faeth and me

Faeth will be 3 on April 13 and she’s grow into a beauty. This was a totally candid shot the photographer got while I was waiting for the judges to finish scoring Faeth’s conformation before showing her on the triangle. On April 1, Faeth goes to a local dressage trainer to start under saddle.

2015 HAAS Faeth and me trotting

Proof that the old gal can still run. I’m 58 years old and I sure did hurt the next day. Next time I need to hit the gym a week or two beforehand to get in better shape!


2015 HAAS Faeth head with garland

This was a double judged show. Faeth was in four classes, and won three of the four. She was in two championship classes and was Champion in one, and Reserve Champion in another.

2015 HAAS Show Bronze

In addition to the class placings, Faeth was the highest scoring Half Arabian in hand and won this neat bronze trophy, plus a huge blanket of silk roses – like the race horses get!



It takes a village to make a dressage horse and rider!

I’ve been struggling with flying changes for years, and it’s what’s been holding Fling from advancing. I take all the blame for our problems – when I started teaching her flying changes, I had not even ever ridden a flying change on a trained horse. Since Fling is a ‘one person’ horse, sending her to a trainer to put changes on her was not an option.

I have been training with Marie Morgan for a number of years now and she is great – patient, correct and classical. And she coached Fling and I to our Bronze medal and to Fourth, earning both scores I need at Fourth for my Silver medal.

But we were definitely stuck. And I really needed to start working on flying changes with Faeryn, but I was afraid I would make the same mistakes as I made with Fling, and  didn’t really want to send her away to someone.

Pati Pierucci had been coming to a friend’s farm for a few months and she suggested I try to see if she could help me with Fling. Pati really helped me with Fling and with just a few sessions we were finally getting clean single changes reliably. So now she’s helping me with Faeryn. Pati has ridden her a few times and we are in the ‘making the canter better’ phase before Pati will start asking for changes.

I had never shown above Fourth 1 due to the difficulty, but I showed Fourth 3 at several schooling shows and at the HDS Schooling Show Championships. Four 3 has a schooling canter pirouette and one canter half pass zigzag. She still can’t do the tempi changes – but that is what we are working on and hopefully this year she will be ready to show Prix St. Georges and we can finish our Silver medal. Here are a  few great shots of her from the HDS Schooling Show Championships. She was a freight train during the class because she was scared of the arena – the canter photo is from Saturday and you can see the tension – but look at how she is sitting. I am prepping her for a canter pirouette here.