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Bad, bad blogger!

So it’s been more than six months since I posted here. Life gets in the way! I’ve been riding – just don’t have much time to write about it. Most day I don’t have enough time to ride and write! But I have been riding, and the ponies have all bee making good progress.

Faeryn had her recognized show Second Level debut in July, with scores all in the 60s, with one 65. She qualified for the Region 9 USDF Championships. Unfortunately when the show rolled around, she was showing in heat for the first time in her life. My husband  got a new horse Рa gelding Рand Faeryn fell in love! She did not perform to her usual standards, but she managed to capture the brown 8th place ribbon in the USDF Second Level Adult amateur Championship class. So our goal over the winter is to start flying changes and show third level at schooling shows next year sometime.

Faeryn 2014 Region 9 Champs Award Ceremony

Faeryn during the 2014 Region 9 Dressage Championships award ceremony.

Fling is still working steadily toward Prix St. Georges. The flying changes are better, and her self-carriage has improved greatly.I am hoping to get her qualified for the Houston Dressage Society Schooling Show Championships in December. I am showing her fourth level – I’ve never shown Fourth Level Test 3,. which is almost as hard as Prix St. Georges, since it has sets of 3 and 4 tempe changes. We will have to show 4/3 in the Championships, although we’re allowed to qualify at any test of the level.

2014 Faeth w rose blanket cropped2

Faeth modeling the garland she won in January for being Champion Half Arabian Sport Horse.

Faeth went to the Arabian/Half Arabian Region 9 Sport Horse Championships and was a good girl and was Reserve Champion Half Arabian Sport Horse Mares in Hand Open, with Liz Petty from the Dallas area handling her, and in the Amateur class, with me handling her we got a Top 5.¬† I have started bridling her and she is not impressed at all with that. I am having to take the bridle apart to get the bit in her mouth, but once it’s on her, she’s okay with it. I have already booked her with a super good young trainer north of me for next April through June.She is already over 16 hands, but I think she’s almost quit growing because she finally got fat! Hoping she stops around 16.1. I seriously doubt she will grow to 17H like Faxx!