Trying to find motivation!

It’s been unseasonably cold since November and I am a cold weather wimp. Plus my asthma has really been bad, despite monthly shots and daily medications. So my motivation to ride has been really low. All I want to do is curl up, nap and read books on my Kindle. But nobody is going to get to PSG or second level at recognized shows that way.

So today I took Faeryn for a lesson and I got some good homework for the coming month. Between vacations, education symposiums and shows, Marie will be out almost every weekend in January and February, so I’m on my own.

Faeryn needs to become more collected, and really shorten her front end, while coming more forward with the hind end so she can do the movements more easily. She has super flexible shoulders and would rather throw her front legs forward to propel herself, as opposed to stepping under. And she also needs to gain strength and also build the foundation for flying changes.

Lateral work, lateral work, lateral work. And transitions. And transitions within the lateral work. And canter walk transitions. These are our directives for the upcoming months.

We did shoulder in to head to the wall leg yield and transitions from trot to walk and walk to trot within the shoulder in. And simple changes along the long side. Mastering these and building strength should keep us busy.

My showing is definitely on hold until Faeryn is ready to go show second at recognized shows and Fling is ready to show PSG. However, I plan to hit the schooling show circuit hard this year with both of them, working out the bugs in preparation for recognized shows. I have no idea how long that will take, but I am not spending the money to go to a recognized show until I feel confident they’re ready.


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