Our show year fizzles to an end….

Well, the fates were not with me for Faeryn and me. I decided at the last minute to qualify her for the schooling show championships. I got one score in November and planned to get my second at a show in December. Then, around Thanksgiving, all heck broke loose in my life. My 89-year-old dad started falling regularly at their independent living facility, and I think I went over there every day during the four day break to pick him up. Then I got sick. And the weather was awful – cold, wet and miserable – for about two weeks in a row. Then the weather was so bad the schooling show in December was cancelled, so I was unable to qualify. All in all, it’s just as well, since my dad fell again a few weeks ago and hurt himself, and spent a week in the hospital and now he is in a short term rehab facility to try and get him strong enough to go back to their apartment at the independent living facility. He has gotten so weak he can’t even get himself from bed to the bathroom. Unfortunately, if he does not get strong enough to transport himself from his bed to scooter and from scooter to bath, he will have to move to a nursing home. I am sure I got my ‘horse genes’ from him, and he was my champion in getting my first horse at 13, so I am giving him lots of pep talks and praying hard he gets better. He’s 89.


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