Faeryn goes to a schooling show

Houston Dressage Society has a schooling show championship every year in December. I hadn’t even been to a schooling show this year, except one early in the year to test Fling at Fourth level.

After our rotten Regional performance, I decided to show her at second level to try and qualify her for our schooling show championships. And mind you, I decided to try and qualify her at a point where we have exactly three shows left in which to qualify. And she needs two scores from two different judges to qualify.

So Nov. 10 we traveled to a farm close by and rode Second Level Test 1 and Second Level Test 2. I had not ridden completely through either of them, and I didn’t even really know Second 2 at all. They always have callers available at this show, which is one reason I like going to them. But, because I know they will have a caller, I am very bad about learning the test beforehand. We did ok on Second 1 – I knew the trot work and was pretty familiar with the canter work. Test 2 was a total crapshoot! LOL! I looked at it beforehand, but in no way did I really know it nearly as well as I should.

I thought out first ride was just ok, and really didn’t think our second ride would score in the 60s. I only needed one 57% out of both the rides, since only one of them would count toward qualifying. Amazingly, I got a 64% on the first test and a 62 on the second.

One score down, one to go. Dec. 7 my trainer is having a show at her barn, and the following day there is another schooling show at the farm I showed at in November.


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