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Faeryn is on fire at Houston Dressage Society Labor Day Show!

I love Faeryn I love riding her. But I never thought she was a horse who could go to big, competitive shows and win consistently. And now I feel fairly guilty about my lack of faith in her.

This weekend at the HDS show, she showed the same sort of obedience and consistency that earned her mother, Sonnys Mona Lisa+/, the nickname, “Saint Lisa.”

She scored a 69.1 on First Level Test 1 and then went back in and got a 69.7 on the more difficult Test 3 from the same judge later in the afternoon on Saturday. And won both classes. Test 3 had 11 riders.

Despite being tired (both of us!) on Sunday, she scored a 68,2 on First 1 and I had to work pretty hard to keep her going. For the second class, just a few hours later, I only got on her 15 minutes prior to my ride time. We had a pretty big ‘oops’ in that test when she  broke to the trot from the canter right before the canter serpentine. So we got two 5s – one for the movement where she broke, and another for the serpentine, since I couldn’t get her properly set up for it. She scored 8s on them the day before. We still ended up with a 67.2, and again won both our classes!

Still pretty stunned – but very happy and looking at Faeryn in a whole new light. 🙂

We are going to a show in two weeks – but just competing one day of the show. And then our GAIC/USDF Regional Championships are in mid-October.