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Fling at Windy Knoll

Fling tied to my trailer at Windy Knoll, getting groomed before saddling up for our ride.


Prix St. Georges, Here We Come…

Well, we probably won’t be ready to show PSG for another year – maybe even two. But today Flying Colorz (Fling) and I earned the second score we needed at Fourth Level toward our USDF Silver medal. It was a wild show – it started pouring right before the show was going to start and there was lightning and thunder. There were two competition arenas – one covered and one outdoor and the warmup was all outdoors. It poured for at least half an hour, and before it even started, the show was almost an hour behind. The rain left the field allotted for warmup a mud puddle – to trucks even got stuck driving across to exit the showgrounds. My original ride time was 12:20. At one point the show was two hours behind, but between scratches and judges forgoing breaks and even lunch, I think, I finally ended up riding at 1:30. Show management did a great job in a really difficult situation.

My warmup was definitely negatively impacted by the sloppy warmup area. You really just had a large track with which to work, making it almost impossible to practice any lateral work. I also just did not feel my head was in it.

We really blew our second flying change big time. As in she just wouldn’t change. I was convinced there was no way I scored a 60% or higher. My trainer kept telling me her trot work and walk work was very good. I tend to focus on the canter because that is the most challenging – Fling is very forward thinking and getting her to ‘sit down’ and listen to me is always the issue with our canter work.

I went to the show office twice to pick up my test and it wasn’t scored yet – I ran into the judge after the show was over but before I picked up my test and got to talk to her. She has not seen my horse in a long time. She thought we had a good ride. She reminded me that our trot work was very good, and she said our half pass at both canter and trot as quite good. Sure enough, when I finally got my test, I had scored a 63%. I think that is a little generous, but I did count the movement in the test – 24 scored movements. I completely blew about 10% of the movements. That puts it in perspective!!

It stillĀ  has not sunk in yet that I am halfway to my Silver medal!! I am so grateful to my wonderful horse and the patient and knowledgeable trainers who have helped me along the way.