One step forward, two steps back

Just as I had a minor breakthrough with my training philosophy with both horses, I came down with an upper respiratory infection and could do no more than lie on the sofa for the past two weekends. I rode in a clinic last weekend, but the first day was a wash, as I had heat exhaustion and had to quit after barely beginning my lesson. Note to self:  DRINK EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT THIRSTY.

I am seeing results from my new warm up strategy with Fling. I always thought she was being resistant, but she is so muscle-bound she needs a lot of stretching exercises before she can swing through her back. What feels like resistance in my hand is stiffness in the back and hind legs. I have altered my warm-up routine, adding more stretching down and up repeatedly and starting off in rising trot instead of sitting trot. Also, thinking more about ‘going with her’ and trying to keep my hands more forward with shorter reins.

I had a good ride on her last night. Unfortunately when I got  on Faeryn this evening it quickly became apparent that she had a loose shoe – even though she was just shod 10 days ago. She had some nails pulled partially out so Mike pulled those after I got off her. We put a boot on her and I have a call in to my shoer. Sigh.Right before the weekend, thankyouverymuch.



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