Faeryn and Fling Start Boot Camp!

My trainer pointed out a rather obvious thing that had completely eluded me. I was whining about Fling, the Fourth level horse, taking SOOOO long to warm up and being so ‘resistant’ at the beginning, while Faeryn took almost no warm-up. Fling, she said, is very strong, but because of that, she is ‘musclebound’ and needs to really work on her suppleness, especially longitudinally. Faeryn, on the other hand, is super supple, but is not strong. She said I need to stop thinking Fling is resistant and just remember it is stiffness. After that conversation, I realized I really needed to have different warm-up routines and training strategies for each of them. So I did some searching on exercises to increase longitudinal suppleness for Fling and strengthening exercises for Faeryn. I tried one out on Fling and was really pleased with the results. While I am doing all this I can almost hear the theme from “Rocky” in the background!



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