62% at Fourth Level ….at a recognized show!!

Happy to report that I now have one of the Fourth Level scores I need toward mu USDF Silver Medal!  And of course I did not get a video of my ride!  My friend Kathy called my test and she said her trot work was much improved. She a minor meltdown after the second walk pirouette, where you have to then do canter depart. She just got stuck and was ‘piaffing’ but at canter! I was thinking we really screwed the pooch with that, but we had enough higher scores to make up for it. We had a few 4s, but just as many 8s. Very nice collective marks and judge commented “Nice horse who has much more—-get it!”  And the icing on the cake? I won my class of two!!

Sunday we rode outdoors and she was so UP when I hand walked her around the grounds that morning I decided to get on her a little earlier than usual. Wrong. She was obedient and listening from the start – and then the ring was 20 minutes behind schedule. I left my good test in the warmup. When I asked for canter depart to start my may down centerline to do the test, I could just feel her fall flat. It did not help either that when we halted at X – and Fling was about to explode forward to trot..papers blew off the judge’s table and the judge and the scribe are yelling and waving their arms saying “Stop!”  And I sat there on Fling, who is practically on her toes waiting to trot forward for what seemed like an eternity. But she did not move or back up. That definitely rattled me – but mostly it was just she was tired. She does not get tired in the ‘I don’t want to go” way – she gets tired and falls on her forehand but still has lots of go. not a good combination! LOL!  She blew both flying changes and we ended up with a 55%. The good news? We beat the other person in our class who had a 53. So I was the best of the worst!

I have noticed it is a pattern that Fling does worse the second day of shows. So I think my new strategy is to just show one day. Being cooped up in a stall is Fling’s version of hell.

Now I just have to figure out when we will try this again.


1 thought on “62% at Fourth Level ….at a recognized show!!

  1. Sue Grundy

    Hi Cyndi, Glad that you have a score towards silver medal. Congrats. And you are right on about doing only one test per show. Remember these tests are harder on the horse. Gone are the days when you could do 4 tests on a week-end. Not so in the upper levels. Fling got pumped because she was tired and her concentration was not there even though the adrenaline was. Keep up the good work. Keep her happy in her job. Get out of the arena once in awhile for a change of scenery. That park you went to sounded great. I used to hack out alot before a show just to let Fred have a relaxing look at the outside world. He loved it and when show time came he was more relaxed. Even set up some cavaletti’s for him to jump on the lunge line. Really built up his back and got him to bring up his back
    immediately when I got in the saddle. Anyway hello from AZ. SG


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