Debbie Bowman Clinic – Fling

It was hotter than blazes today. We’ve had an unusually long cool spring and WHAM! Summer hit like a sledge hammer and nobody – horses or humans – had a chance to gradually adapt. It didn’t help that my ride was at 4:30! 

Today we worked on trying to improve her medium and extended trot and canter. Besides the canter to halt transition at X, the other difficulties for her in Fourth level are the extended canter – especially since it comes at the VERY end of the Fourth 1 Test, she either is so wound up she is a freight train, or she’s tiring and wants to fall on her forehand. Debbie has been trying to get me to ‘flatten’ (or round, as I call it) my lower back. I am naturally pretty swaybacked. By thinking about pushing the lower back OUT, it pushes my seat down onto her back more firmly, which helps a lot in keeping her more up in front during the mediums/extended. Debbie also said to take baby steps – develop it one stride at a time so she does not just rush. Also on the subject of feeling like she is resistant – Debbie says resistance comes from not being supple enough. Not that she is being uncooperative – I just need to work more on her suppleness so she CAN respond to my half halts. Fling was dripping wet by the time we finished and her saddle pad was also dripping wet – every square inch of it. She got a nice shower before loading up in the trailer and going home.

Tomorrow it’s Faeryn’s turn.

The Spindletop Show is a week away!


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