Ride in the moment…

Was a crazy week at work and I got home very late several days. Fling got several days off after the clinic last weekend, where I rode her twice and Faxx and Faeryn once each. My friend Kathy got some video of me on her iPhone and hopefully she can upload it to Youtube and I will post it here. I was very pleased with what I saw!

One of Fling’s ongoing problems is ‘waiting’ for me. Fling and I are both pretty Type A personalities (my friends reading this are thinking ‘ya think?’ at this point) and although that can be good sometimes – often we ‘feed’ off of each other in a bad way. One of my biggest challenges is getting Fling to come BACK to me from a medium or extended, and the biggest bugaboo – the canter to halt at X in Fourth level.

Debbie Bowman made some changes to my position and had me raise my stirrups a hole. I was definitely not sitting on my seat bones, but more on my crotch. I don’t have this position problem with either of my other horses. Debbie had me lift my knees up in the saddle to ‘feel’ my seat bones and in my case said to ‘think chair seat’ to fix my problem. Not your usual problem! And, as always – ride her more forward to the hand, with a shorter rein and arms more forward. We had some great work the second day with canter/walk/canter transitions on the serpentine where she really sat in the downwards and _waited_ for me.

So I finally rode her Thursday and she was fabulous. Great canter half passes both directions. And the perfect ending to a perfect ride? Controlled, light and perfectly square halt at X on centerline from canter.

And I realized as I was riding – the key to this was partially a new mental attitude on my part. Ride in the moment. Don’t think about getting from point A to point B. Don’t think beyond this stride and this horse under you in this spot right now. Just plant seat bones, sit up and ‘be’ 100% in the moment. I truly think that made a huge difference.

I mail my entry for the Memorial Day weekend show Tuesday!!



1 thought on “Ride in the moment…

  1. Sue Grundy

    Just a short note to say that just going to word press wouldn’t let me go to this site. I had to find your old blog from your posterious and go to the bottom of your diary and highlite the web page. So hope that I do not find you again, want to keep up with your journey. Any insite on this. The http etc. etc. would not work, only through one of your old sites.
    Keep up the good work and good luck on your 4th Level debut. SG in AZ


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