Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Isn’t that always how dressage works? I’ve made great progress with Fling. The key now is to ingrain what I’ve learned and make it habit so we can completely banish the swinging haunches that have plagued us for so long. Debbie Bowman is coming this weekend and it may kill me, but I am doing four rides. Two with Fling and one each with Faeryn and Faxx.

The show year is half over and I’m still not sure what my plans will be. I really want to show everyone, but they all seem ‘in between’ two levels – except for Fling. For now I am aiming to take Fling to an Arab show Memorial Day weekend that has open classes in dressage. Sandy Chohani is judging that. then the facility – Great SW Equestrian Center in Katy – is having a Sunday/Monday show and I will show her Sunday in that. Three days are just too many for both of us.

I think I have decided to try and qualify Faeryn for our Championships in October in First and Second level.  I showed her First at recognized shows in 2011 but after getting laid off in Sept. of 2011, she has not been shown since. I showed her at second level in schooling shows the same year. Faxx is more talented, but Faeryn’s training is a bit further along, and Faeryn handles the stress of the larger shows better than Faxx. If I had more vacation time and more time to ride, I would try to qualify them both and possibly even show them both at the Championships.

Faxx is very close to being ready for Second level. At this point, the canter walk is his man issue.


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