Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hurry up, Spring!

Well, maybe not so much spring as Daylight Savings Time. It’s been a very rainy winter – well, compared to the past two drought years. We’ve just all forgotten what a ‘normal’ Gulf Coast winter is. Between the rain and the short days, none of my horses have been ridden as much as they should.

However, just when all seemed darkest, they all suddenly seem to have progressed a bit.

Faxx can FINALLY do decent half passes BOTH directions! it took me six months, I swear, to get the right half pass.  I am aiming to show him second level at schooling shows this year.

I did not think Fling was ready to show Fourth again at our January show, or the upcoming March show.Just too much rain.  Now I am aiming for the local HDS June show.

Faeryn has been the brightest star the past few weeks. Her canter has improved greatly, and she even got two flying changes last week. Not clean, and definitely ‘bucky’ – but at least she finally got the idea she COULD change leads on the fly.  I would like to show her second level at some recognized shows.

I am loving my new trailer. Loving the full walk through doors on both sides, the dutch doors and the wonderful exteriior and interior lights.

And hopefully I’ll post more often here, as it’s a great training diary for me and when I’m at my lowest, I can look back and see that even when it seems glacial – progress is really happening.