Finally a weekend of beautiful weather!

Finally, just when I had just had it with the cold, dreary, rainy weather we’ve had ever since the first of the year, we got a beautiful weekend and my batteries are recharged.

We planted some trees we’ve been watering for TWO YEARS in pots behind the barn. I bought them just before the first year of the drought to plant in our pasture, and we could not plant them either due to the drought or the ground as so hard we couldn’t even dig a hole.

I rode Fling both days and Faeryn yesterday and Faxx today. Faxx was the star of the weekend. This year, ‘boot camp’ starts for him. He’s been coasting along on his good looks and now it’s time for him to work harder and be ready to show second level by summer. It’s partially my fault that I coddled him. He was so mentally immature and could not take any kind of training pressure for the first few years under saddle. Very different than my mares. And taking contact as an issue and I was reluctant to ask him to do anything to upset that apple cart. However, the contact issue seems to be solved, he’s matured so much and I think he’s ready for the challenge.

So today I did a lot of ‘head to the wall’ leg yielding since he is having a really hard time bending to the right – haunches in is just about impossible, and his right half pass is nonexistant – although his left one is almost show ready.

The other thing he needs to master is canter walk and walk canter. He got some really good walk/canter. The canter walk will be the last thing to come. Fortunately, his shoulder-in is really good both directions and renvers is getting there. Ten meter trot and canter circles are not difficult for him. His canter is super balanced. We also need to develop more strength so he can do a true medium trot and canter. He can sort of ‘cheat’ because he is so big, I can get his gaits bigger – but he needs to carry more behind.

Now really hoping for some more beautiful weekends – and longer days during the week – so all my horses can move forward. this past year I feel like Faeryn and Faxx have moved backwards due to my job and parental commitments. Only Fling has advanced this past year – and not as much as I had hoped.


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