Faeryn’s Beach Ride and Clinic Report

To make a long story short, Mike and I went to Galveston Beach a few weeks ago with our horses. It was Faeryn’s maiden voyage there, and given her sometimes (but steadily decreasing as she gets more mature) fits of hysteria, I actually bridled her while she was still in the trailer — just in case!

I needn’t have worried. She handled the entire excursion like a seasoned pro. Her reaction to the waves was even less dramatic than Fling’s when she encountered them for the first time. As always, Faeryn is a magnet due to her very feminine, pretty face and luxurious tail and mane! LOL! She got petted by several admirers. We rode for about an hour and I had the MOST WONDERFUl balanced, uphill canter ever along the beach. It was effortless on both our parts.

So, this past weekend, Debbie Bowman came into town, and I actually rode each horse with her once. I figured it was way past time for a ‘check up’ and given that I’ve been having issues with Faeryn and Faxx, I figured it was money well spent. And it was. And of course, as usual, _I_ am the problem, not them.

Faeryn has had a persistent head tilt for at least a year now, only going to the left. I’ve gotten rid of it at the walk and the trot, but it doggedly persists at the canter. It’s become a huge mental ‘deal’ for me, and probably for her as well as I’ve tried and discarded various methods to diagnose and correct the cause. Leave it to Debbie to take about 5 minutes to see that Faeryn’s shoulders are falling to the inside when going to the left. The fix is to use my left leg at the girth actively and outside rein to keep her from falling out.. I’d say the problem is 90% fixed.

Faxx, on the other hand, just to be different, was being difficult to the right. Or at least I blamed it on him. Guess whose fault it really was? Guilty as charged. Since a few months ago he was not bending enough to the right, in my typical “If a little bit is good, a lot is better” fashion, I had him overbent to the right, and he was out in the left shoulder and that’s why he ‘refused’ to do half pass or shoulder in to the right. He’s not quite completely fixed yet, but I rode him tonight and got a lot closer to being able to do something resembling a half pass to the right.

I’ll report on Fling later – there was an epiphany there too.


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