A “Walk in the Park”

Well, we did some trotting too, but mostly my next door neighbor and I enjoyed a leisurely walk, punctuated with some trotting, at our area county park. There are about 8 miles of trail and some winds through trees, and some borders a bayou. It was the first time in probably 4 years that I have done something other than ride in my arena or my 10-acre field. I took Faeryn, who can be reactive, but she was very good. She spooked at a few things, but for her now, a spook is usually a ‘spook in place’  — meaning she jumps up and lands in the same place! LOL! And then she just goes on like nothing happened. She is a very brave and has a wonderful power walk, so she’s a great trail horse.

Last week was a bad week for riding. I was in a very bad mood, which is rare for me, and usually caused by feeling like I am a lousy rider and not progressing with my horses. Plus I had to go out of town on a business trip this week, leaving Wednesday morning and didn’t get home until Friday evening. I didn’t get to ride Tuesday because I had to pack. So maybe a trail ride was just what I needed.

I rode Fling very lightly before I left with Faeryn this morning. Hopefully I can get in a longer ride tomorrow before it is supposed to rain.And ride Faxx for the first time in a week. I really don’t have time for three horses. My choice is to sell one, or just accept the fact that progress with every horse will be slower. Since I am attached to all of them, I will just have to lower my expectations – for them and me.

Fling’s next show will be a schooling show in December and I am aiming for a recognized show in January. And I hope I feel like I’ve made more progress in confirming her for Fourth level by then.


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