Clinic and finally a new (used) saddle for Fling (and Faeryn too)

I started to load Faeryn to take her to the Debbie Bowman clinic on Saturday, but after i had the halter on her, Fling was shoving her face in my face, almost demanding “Take me, Take me! – so I took the halter off Faeryn and put it on Fling. And I am glad I did. It was a good ride. Debbie could definitely tell the difference in her since I had her hock injected and put her on Previcox and I got some good help on our right halfpass – which has become an ‘issue’ fo rme with all the horses. Which is to say it is MY issue, and not the horses’. Also, have been having a tough time with canter to walk/halt and it’s killing me in my tests.And she also schooled us in schooling pirouettes.

The biggest ‘ah hah’ moment (and this was before the new saddle) was getting better downwards from canter. I had been bracing, and pulling her back and down into the transition. Debbie said ride her forward into it, and gave me the visual of leading with my core and keeping my hands forward. What a difference it made, not just in my downward, but in the canter in general. We fixed the half pass, I think, and also had an ah hah moment in our CP. I have been asking for too small a pirouette – she said she will start ‘pivoting’ if I am not careful. She said not to get impatient – just do 6-8 meter schooling CPs and eventually it will just come. Her right hind still needs to get stronger – all those exercises I was doing to strengthen it before having it injected basically did nothing because she was reluctant to really use her right hind. A very good ride and glad I took Fling after all.

Hard to believe, but in a city with close to 6 million people in the metro area, we have no resident good english saddle fitter. So we rely on ones who come in from other areas. My trainer has Jan Hulsebos (Netherlands) come twice a year, and I signed up months ago, and emailed them with my seat size and tree width so they could bring some used saddles for me to try for Fling. I will never buy another new saddle. Too expensive. I bought a Hulsebos for Faxx the last time they were in town and I love it.My saddles were all ‘old style’ with little to no thigh blocks. I used to ‘pooh pooh’ them, but I realize now how they can help you keep your legs in a better position – especially for someone who is ‘height challenged’ like I am. The seats are also deeper than what I have, and it turns out I like that too.

Fling is a pleasant mover, but no one ever comments on what a good mover she is. Until I was trying out what turned out to be her new (to her) saddle. I took Flin gin the morning and we spent time trying on different saddles. Marie thought that she and Faeryn could use the same saddle, so we were hoping for that, and if that did not work, I was going to have Faeryn’s saddle fit checked and restuffed if necessary.  The saddle I got turns out to be the same model as what I got for Faxx, but Faxx’s saddle definitelly doesn’t fit Fling. i tried it once and the canter ‘bounced’ up and down at the canter.

Faeryn’s turn was in the afternoon, and when I put “Fling’s saddle” on her and trotted, she felt like she was coming 2 feet off the ground, she felt so springy.

I think this saddle gives them both more freedom in the shoulder. They are both kind of ‘beefy’ in their shoulders, despite the fact they are not large horses. This saddle definitely sits back a bit more and frees up their shoulders.

Every little bit helps!


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