I can’t believe my last post was in July!

Well, actually, I sort of can. Let’s see, what have I been doing since July?

1. Working and commuting. I drive 106 miles round trip to my job each day. That’s what happens when you want to live in the ‘country’ but you have a degree in Advertising.My commute was about 25 minutes shorter each way before I got laid off in Sept. of 2011 from my job of 21 years. It takes me an hour and ten minutes each with if nothing goes wrong. However, I really like my new job – Associate Marketing Mgr for a metal building company, and was lucky to find a job after only 4 months of being unemployed, and got a nice severence package that allowed me to….

2. Bid out and supervised major fencing project on the farm, entailing 3,000 feet of old fencing being torn down and 3,000 feet of new fence built.

3. Shopped for and finally ordered (and received last month) a brand new 4Star aluminum horse trailer. My old trailer, a ‘vintage’ Featherlite, was 20 years old. There was money left over from the fencing project, so now was the time. I love the new trailer. It’s taller and wider and longer than the previous trailer.

4. I moved my parents into assisted living, assisted with the sale of their house, hired estate sale people, managed that, managed the cleaning out and cleaning of their house afterwards and packed almost everything in their house into boxes TO move. And did much of the heavy lifting.

I have been riding, and actually took Fling to a recognized show for her Fourth Level debut over Labor Day. I had to excuse myself from my ride the first day when someone in the first row of stands picked up a chair OVER HER HEAD and walked it down the row, plopping it down right in front of Fling as she was doing the collected walk work before the walk pirouettes. Fling, who rarely spooks, stopped dead in her tracks and was not going near there. So I just turned to the judge and asked to be excused. I was furious. And the person who did it was wearing RIDING clothes so should have known better.  The next day we got through our ride and had no major mistakes. We got a 58.7 which I thought was fair and acceptable for our first try. I showed her again a few weeks ago and got a 58.4 the first day with some mistakes and the next day I thought my ride was better (and so did my trainer) but got a 55+. Since Fling’s had some resistance to carrying weight on her right hind, I took her and had her x-rayed and she does have changes on her right hind. the vet said they were normal at her age (12) for a horse who’s been in continuous training virtually her entire adult life. So he injected the right hock and had me put her on Previcox and I can say I already see the difference. She can do real canter pirouettes now – before it was tough to get her to do a pirouette vs. just a small circle. Next up on the to do list is a new saddle. I tried out a used one last weekend and she felt much freer in her shoulders. I would like to buy it, but my trainer had it at her barn to sell for someone, and I can’t get them to tell me how much they want for it! It is a Hulsebos, and I bought a used one for Faxx about 8 months ago and love it. Fling’s is a different model and unfortunately I don’t think any of my three kids can share a saddle. Although I tried that saddle and rode in it with faeryn and it felt pretty good on her too. Jan Hulsebos comes Oct. 28 and Fling and Faeryn are both going ‘saddle shopping’ while he is here. And maybe I’ll have already bought one for Fling and it will just have to be fit to her.

Faeryn is doing well and she is 7 now, as is Faxx and I feel like I should be starting changes with them, but I’ve done such a lousy job at that with Fling I am loathe to even try. so they schooling everything BUT changes. Faeryn is a bit further along than Faxx. The lateral work is easier for her, and she also has better canter walk/walk canter. Faxx’s connection is so tricky those downwards are going to be tough with him. and I’ve learned with him, you can’t throw a lot at him at once or he gets all worried. Because of my new job, and having to go to my parents’ place every weekend to do various things, none of my horses are getting ridden as much as they need to be, but Fling is definitely the one I ride the most. At this point I cannot afford to let her lay off and get out of shape. I have worked far too hard to get where I am now. Yesterday I had a super ride on her and got not only the real canter pirouettes, but I also got three changes across the diagonal. She’s also doing half steps and I joked to my trainer that I would probably have the only horse who found canter pirouettes easier than even simple flying changes! But the flying changes are definitely my issue – I had never even ridden a single flying change on a trained horse before I started trying to teach Fling to do flying changes. And she is so ‘keen’ – forward and energetic–  that doing them ALWAYS revs her up, which is another complication. But I love that energy and would hate to have a horse I had to kick.

Anyway, that’s the Cliff Notes of what’s been going on and although I think about posting often – it’s been hard to find the time to actually type what’s going on in my head. But I will try to be more diligent because it’s a good tool for me, too, when I get bummed about something I can read my past entries and realize that a problem I was  having a few months ago is no longer an issue – and that I really AM advancing. Even if only in baby steps.

 My goal is to show her in January at fourth again, and hope to get the two 60% I need at Fourth toward the Silver. And in 2014 be ready for Prix St. Georges!! A long journey from breeding my $800 half Arab pinto mare to Frohwind in 1999 and literally pulling Fling into the world on Aug. 5, 2000!

Thanks for following my journey!


1 thought on “I can’t believe my last post was in July!

  1. S. Grundy

    Glad to have your posts back. I am a person from the 90’s that rode in Texas, lived in La. Anyway take it from another amateur who wanted to do all the training myself with lessons here and there. Came to AZ and found a wonderful trainer with Upper Level School masters. Left my steed at home and took weekly lessons, flying changes, change of hand, piaffe etc. Boy did it improve my confidence in riding my extremely sensitive horse. Made me learn to relax, be calm, and get my timing down, and improve my horses skills. You are obviously riding well. But maybe try another well schooled horse on what might help you teach Fling, and the others and do it quicker and reach your goal of a Silver quicker. Keep up the posts and all your hard work. Your pal in AZ.


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