Super lesson on Fling

In the last few weeks I feel like Fling has really improved. The changes I’ve made in my riding – lengthening my stirrups, and trying to sit deeper, help her less, and stay relaxed in my seat – seems to be helping. Also, the strengthening exercises I’ve been doing to help her right hind, and constantly reminding her she cannot avoid carrying weight on her right hind by swinging her haunches out also seem to be working.  She feels much more through, especially at the canter, and her trot feels like it has more impulsion . So I took her to Marie’s for a lesson for a ‘reality check’ to see if my impressions are correct.

It is really gratifying when what I feel and what knowledgeable eyes on the ground see are in sync.Marie said her trot just keeps getting better and better. We had a great lesson and worked really hard – there’s always room for improvement! Marie says she still needs to be stronger, so we continue to work on haunches in at all gaits, but especially the canter. it’s reallly  hard for her and she continually tries to throw me on my outside seatbone so I can’t infuence her inside hind so much. We also worked on getting her to listen better to my aids, especially at the canter, with little forward and back exercises. With everything going on in my life,  I haven’t even thought about showing her this year – but if things keep going like this, I may try to show her in October at Great SW Equestrian Center.


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