Finally – new trailer on the way!

My current horse trailer is a 1993 Featherlite which I purchased new in 1992 from D&D Farm and Ranch in Seguin. I can remember the day and the drive up there like it was yesterday.I still had my black and silver 1992 Chevy Silverado and was playing a John Anderson CD on the way up and singing along to Seminole Wind.

Over the years the old trailer and I have been through a lot – and I think about all the horses I’ve had – who are no longer with me – that have been hauled safely in it – Sonnys Mona Lisa, Domineaux, Nanja, Muscatyr.

The huge dressing room really came in handy during my endurance ride phase, when Mike and I – or later, my friend Margaret and I – would go to rides in the middle of nowhere. We had to take all our food, water and camping gear with us and we managed to stuff it all in the dressing room.

For the past few years I’ve always looked at new trailers when they’ve been at shows, or at the rodeos. But none of the ‘off the shelf’ trailers have what I want. Due to Faxx’s size, I definitely need a straight load versus a slant load. (Slant load trailers are a lot shorter than straight loads – that’s why they’re much cheaper.)  I also did not want a ramp, and it seems that’s all you can find these days. And I really do not like the wedge nose that they all have now – you lose a lot of space in the dressing area due to that. I understand it’s more aerodynamic, but dressing room space is more important to me than gas mileage!

So it became apparent to me I was going to have to order one to get exactly what I wanted. I was going to order one last fall – but waffled around, and then I got laid off and that idea definitely got put on hold.

But now I’ve been at my new job for four months, things are going well, I still have a lot of my Chronicle severance pay left, so I decided the timing was right. So after many alterations, discussions and calculations – I finally drove to the 4Star dealer in Willis and sat down and ordered one a few weeks ago. The down side is that I have to wait until mid-September for it – that’s how long it will take to get built and delivered.

In the meantime I’m getting a bit sad about parting with my faithful Featherlite (but I know soince they got bought out by a mega trailer mft – they are no longer made the way mine was.)  It will be a bittersweet day when the old girl goes to a new owner. Great to be getting a new trailer, but sad to say goodbye to an inanimate object that was part of my life for so long – and to realize this new trailer will probably be the last trailer I ever buy.


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