Super ride on Faeryn

The new job has been kicking my butt – 53 mile commute EACH way – but I think I am finally settling in, it’s getting easier and I have enough energy (mental and physical!) to get back into the swing of riding every day – and riding two horses Mon/Wed/Fri when I have barn help, and on the weekends.

I put in three rides on Faern last week and the first ride she was a bit rusty, but by Ride #3 she was almost back in form. Doing a lot of half steps (precursor to piaffe and a great strengthening exercise) and I think she is going to have more of a talent for it than either of the other two. Her canter was super wonky the first day, but it’s gotten progressively better. She’s 7 now and it’s about time to really start flying changes, but considering that hasn’t gone so well with Fling I may send her to someone to start them. Her lateral work has improved immensely and she has such a happy bounce to her trot she always makes me smile. Heck, she even makes me smile just sitting on her and walking around. She has a huge walk – I call it the Marilyn Monroe walk (and she has earned 9s for it in recognized shows.) it also is like physical therapy for me whenever my back hurts! Now I understand why hippotherapy is so beneficial to some people. I also really appreciate my ten-acre field. Some days it’s fun to just meander around, through the trees, around the pond, etc. I always say when I am old, if all I can do is drag my butt on a horse and plod along at the walk, I could be satisfied with that. 🙂


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