Monthly Archives: May 2012

Faxx gets a lesson

I had a lesson with Marie on Faxx last weekend. I had been sick with a lousy cold and literally dragged myself out of bed to go there. I was just determined to get a lesson since I had none the weekend before. Faxx worked very well – he was really over his back. He was super connected and steady. The new saddle I bought has made a huge difference in his way of going, and my confidence in the saddle. It is deeper and has bigger kneerolls than my old saddle so I feel much more secure. In fact, he used to be able to almost pull me over his head when he put his head down to cough – now he cannot do that.

I need to ask him to use his hind end more – especially at the canter, I let him get a bit too strung out and too slow in the hind leg. I need to push his  hind legs under him and push him more forward than I really think he should be for him to be correct.

He did some pretty good baby half pass, and we worked on leg yielding. Marie reminded me that to do a good leg yield as called for in first 3, — from the corner rail to X – he really needs to be rocked back on his haunches. So as I am going from C to the corner, I need to be half-halting him to prepare.

We’re also workiing on canter/walk and walk/canter. he doesn’t have either nailed yet, but the good thing is, even though there are some little trot steps, he stays super connected throughout the transition.

I am showing him at an Arabian show Memorial Day that also offers dressage and for a lark I am showing him in hunter pleasure. There is a method to my madness. He needs a national Top Ten to complete his highest Arabian Horse Assn Achievement Awards title – he has all the points, but needs a Top Ten or better in anything to go with it. Since they moved Sport Horse Nationals to IDAHO this year and VIRGINIA next – I got this hairbrained idea to try and qualify him for halter and hunter pleasure and show him at ‘regular’ Arabian Nationals, which is in Oklahoma – a heck of a lot closer than the Sport Horse Nationals It is at the same facility I shows Fling and Lisa at the Pinto World Champs in 2006. We;ll see how it goes. He will definitely catch the judges’ eye because he won’t look like anything else in the ring!  LOL. I think they will either love him or hate him!