Sick ponies – and a saddle swap

I rode all three of my kids in the Debbie Bowman clinic last weekend and now they all have snotty noses and gurgly coughs. Faeryn actually is not very sick at all – very little coughing. None are running temperatures and all are eating. So far I am not giving antibiotics since I suspect this is a virual thing they picked up at the clinic.

So it was a beautiful weekend and about all I rode was my orange tractor. I did get on Faxx and Fling long enough to discover that their coughing is exacerbated by exercise. And, since I am starting to think Fling’s saddle does not fit her anymore – or me – I put Faeryn’s saddle on her and I think that works better. I am still going to try and find her very own new (used) saddle, but for now she’ll borrow Faeryn’s.



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