Technical difficulties solved!

I’ve tried several times in the past week to post here, but it never showed my log in screen, so I could not post! I found a back door in.

The weather is finally cooperating! We still have wet spots in the pasture,. but the arena is dry. Only half of it is still usable – I have talked to my dozer guy and hopefully we will get a break in the rain in the next month or so and will be able to finish it. Or at the very least get to the next step – which is to fine tune the base by adding fill (I have a pile next to the arena that should be enough), scrape the sand off the one remaining corner and also the old bad base underneath it. Then it needs to rain on that a few times to make sure it is crowned enough and  has no low spots, and THEN we can put the sand back on it.

In the meantime, my new job is going well, although the learning curve is steep and I have little ‘mental energy’ left for much else.  Plus I get home about 20 minutes later than I used to, and once when it was raining it took me two hours to get home. Despite all that, with the help of the time change, I have managed to get back in a riding routine.

Connie my barn help works M/W/F so those days I ride Faeryn and Fling. On T/Th I clean stalls and ride Faxx. On the weekend I try to ride all three each day but that doesn’t always happen. I am still working on my master bath – and the weekend is the only time I can devote any energy or time to that.

However, they all are benefiting from the regular schedule – Faxx probably most of all.  He is learning walk/canter, his shoulder in is getting better, he is working on turn on the haunches and half pass. His half pass to the left is getting almost show quality – we won’t talk about the HP to the right! 😉

Faeryn is getting much better in her self-carriage and is no longer impersonating a ship’s anchor! We are doing half steps and she is learning to shorten and lengthen her stride just from my seat. The canter is improved, her half passes are show quality most days.

Fling was a star the other day – getting 3 reallly good strides of canter pirouette, and managing three ‘sets’ of the canter half pass zig zag… ie, half pass, flying change as you change direction of half pass, then change direction  again in half pass and do another change, and then back again. I had hoped to show her fourth level this spring, but had too much going on in my life. i am now aiming for a May show, and plan to also show her in June, and between the two shows I get my two 60s I need at Fourth level toward my Silver. And then next year, the goal is Prix St. Georges. I can hardly believe it myself! I love her so much and she is such a cheerful worker bee! I think even Debbie Bowman has been impressed with her lately and the other day I commented to marie that  maybe Faeryn would be a better upper level horse than Fling and she said  to me, “Fling is a pretty darned good upper level horse.”  I love her so much and just wish horses did not have such short lifespans compared to humans.


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