Faeryn gets ‘busted’

Despite the rain, I hauled to Marie’s for a lesson on Faeryn this morning. It was sprinkling on us as we tacked up and untacked, but oddly enough was not raining while we were actually riding in the covered arena.

Marie reminded me again that I need to really raise the bar on Faeryn. The reason she is pulling my arms out of their sockets is that she is not carrying enough weight behind, and also just plain not carrying herself. So we did many transitions, and also a lot of work in renvers because she also is not using her right hind as much as her left hind. So we did a lot if work in renvers at trot and canter. That also turned out to be the ‘fix’ for the slight head tilt she’s had for probably a year now. It would come and go, but never completely went away. We also started working on  half steps and Marie said I need to keep her shorter in the frame, more rocked back on her haunches and ask her to take quicker – but not faster – steps. Faeryn was definitely not happy to be told that ‘the jig is up’ and she is going to have to work harder from now on, and threw some ‘mini tantrums’ to show her displeasure. When I would give ‘the mother of all half halts’ to get her back to her haunches, she would just shake her head – but then she would respond to the half halt. At one point during the lesson she was in such terrific self-carriage that I could just give the reins – she was so light. So, I have my homework. I need to ride Faeryn like I ride Fling.


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