Faeryn impersonates an anchor

It was very windy today and that is not the best time to ride Faeryn as she hates the wind and does at least one fairly impressive bolt – but predictably whenever I turn her with her rear end to the wind. Today she was pulling my arms out. I do not know if the wind had anything to do with it or if she was just feeling lazy but it took me half the ride to convince her to listen to me and quit leaning on my hands AND ignoring my half halts. I had to deliver many “Come to Jesus” half halts just to get her attention. And repeated, through clenched teeth,  “Carry your own %$#@ self!” many, many times. It took awhile but it got better, and actually ended with some very nice canter. Still working on the slight head tilt she has, only going to the left, and only at the canter. I was telling Debbie Bowman about it last weekend, since I did not actually ride Faeryn in the clinic, and she said it probably would need to be fixed at the trot, even though it showed it self during the canter.

Fling was good. I ran through parts of the Fourth 1 test. I am taking her to a nearby schooling show tomorrow to ride through the test. Still trying to pick a place and a date for her Fourth level recognized show debut.


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