New job trumps riding

I started my new job Feb. 13. I am Associate Marketing Manager at NCI Building Services. I was lucky to find a job after only 4 months of being unemployed. Actually, my first interview with them was 3 months into my unemployment, but the interiewing/hiring process took another month. So far I really like it even though it is 53 miles from my house. Yes, you read that right. However, I work 7-4 and can take the Beltway so I do not get into stop and go traffic. It takes me just a few minutes over an hour to get there. Further than the Chronicle, and about 10 minutes longer commute, but a less stressful commute as there, so far, have been almost NO slowdowns. It is a huge learning curve starting a new job after 21 years at your previous one. I am learning a lot and will have the opportunity to do a lot more hands on marketing than i did at the Chronicle. Here they have an actual plan for each building brand (there are about 7 in our division) and I will get to oversee much more of the creative process and also working with the brand managers, doing budgeting and a little bit of PR. And I also have two coordinators to manage. So riding has taken a backseat for now. Plus it’s rained a lot this month and it’s often been too wet to ride. And my arena is still unfinished since last spring, first due to the drought (I needed some good hard rain to let the base ‘settle’ before putting the sand back on it) and now unfinished because it just won’t stop raining long enough to dry out enough to do any dirt work. But I cannot complain – and we are still in a rainfall deficit.

So, all that said, the horses have had light duty, but I have made one discovery. I have been asking Fling to start the journey toward piaffe with half steps – but I don’t reallly even think you could call them half steps yet. It is more like a few steps at a time of super collected trot with energy, as slow as I can get her to go. And guess what? Doing that has really improved her canter.


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