Faxx has grown a brain

Last year, Faxx would often have mental meltdowns when asked to do something new. I really was starting to think he was really not bright. Fast forward to this year, and he is almost a different horse. For one thing, I discovered he had the herpes virus, which made him super sensitive to touch. Poor guy. A few months on lysine and he is much improved and seems much ‘quiter’ mentally. And I do not know if it is related, but he is really “getting” stuff much quicker. My last ride, I started asking him to do baby half pass at the walk. No problem. Today I asked him to do them at the trot. Again, no problem. Now, the one to the left was actually quite good. the one to the right is still a work in progress, but that is quite normal. I am also seeing improvement in his downward from canter to walk — it is _almost_ there. Last month that seemed like a distant goal.

He is still a ways from being ready to show second level, but we’re not in any hurry. Since he barely competed last year, I am going to show him at recognized shows at first level again this year, with the goal of qualifying him and competing at the championships. Since Faeryn showed a lot last year, this will be her ‘off’ year. She will school some more and get confirmed at second level and school more of third level. And later this year we will probably start flying changes.


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