Riding, the day after the ‘flood’

I am not sure I could have ridden in my arena today, but it was windy enough and the water drained fast enough (and we were dry enough previously) that I was actually able to find some dry ‘real estate’ to ride Faeryn on. Just a short ride – she’s been off a few days and it was super windy. I took her for a lesson last week at Marie’s and she took me to task for not asking enough from her. I am letting her go around in a training level frame and I need to insist that she shorten her frame – from back to front- and carry herself like the second level horse that she almost is. So even though I only rode her a short time, I ‘upped the ante’ on her and made her work a bit harder. Marie also figured out why she is tilting her head at times and how to fix it. She tilts her head when i am riding to the left – most often in the canter. She had me ride her more with my outside seatbone and leg and voila – tilt was gone. So I worked on that too today.

Hopefully my arena will be dry enough tomorrow so I can ride Faxx. i am taking Faeryn for another lesson with Marie tomorrow and signed up for another one on Friday. I am hoping to take Faxx if I can get a ride in on him tomorrow and/or Thursday.


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