And today – the beginnings of canter zig-zag

Very cool and blustery today but a beautiful, beautiful sunny day. For kicks, I tried out the canter zig zag with Fling…you half pass a few steps, do a flying change, and half pass the other direction a few steps. Eventaully you do it several times each direction. I think this is way fun and could be a good way to teach Fling that yes, you CAN do a flying change and stay focused and through and listening to your rider!  I did not do more than one zig and one zag each direction but I can see this is not going to be a deal breaker on our move up the levels! I am so grateful for my wonderful little spotted horse. Even Marie noted yesterday that she thrives on hard work.

I rode Faeryn today and it could have been disastrous – windy day and Fling got a burr up her butt and she and Faxx went just blasting around the field when I was riding Faeryn. All I could think was, ok, Mike is out of town, I left my cell phone in the house…  But Faeryn, although she really, really wanted to join her siblings in their mad dash, listened to me and  was not naughty. I felt like I was riding a firecracker for a few minutes there but she maintained self-control! Good, good Faeryn! 

I rode Faxx yesterday and he listens to my seatbones very, very well. And, I got our first walk/canter depart!! Yeah Faxx!! Second level is just around the corner. I have come to the conclusion that second level is where it starts to get fun. 🙂


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