Bad, bad blogger – AGAIN. But PIAFFE. Fling is learning piaffe!

Happy New Year. At this writing, it is 11:14 and I would be in bed but the fireworks near us have been awful and the horses are restless. They have tapered off for now, but I am sure they will surge again at midnight and I feel the need to check on the horses again at that point.

I think Faeryn’s major problem at the Schooling Show championships – and even the regular Regional Champs – was that we left our best riding in the warmup ring. I suspect I am warming her up too long and she is gettiing tired. Especially at the SS champs where she had two huge spooks in the warm up when a group of people walked down some steps from the main arena – said steps being directly at the far end of the warm up arena. When then have those huge adrenaline rushes – what goes up must come down – and I think she just ran out of gas during our second ride – which was the Second level champ. She worked beautifully before our ride – and we had less than an hour between our two rides.

Today I took Fling to Marie’s for a lesson (which I also did on Wednesday) and we have been working on piaffe half steps. She has taken to it like a duck to water. Marie is very pleased and says at this rate she will have her piaffe confirmed in six months! We also worked on canter and I had an epiphany about how to use my seatbones to establish the speed/rhythm of both trot and canter. I experimented with this technique with both Faeryn and Faxx too, with astounding results!  A great way to ring in the new year!


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