Schooling Show Championships Sunday!

This weekend the HDS Schooling Show Champs are being held at Great SW Equestrian Center in Katy. The show is Sat and Sun. but my classes are only on Sunday. I am showing her in the First and Second level amateur championship classes. Amazingly enough, I am the only entry in the second level class and there are only three other riders in my first level championship. Tomorrow she goes to Marie’s for a lesson and I need to have a ‘beauty shop’ day with her to trim her and try and tame her wild mane. Her mane keeps ‘flipping’ from one side to the other so it looks awful, since I pull/thin it from one side, and then before I know it, it’s flopped to the other side and all the short hairs are then on top! I’ve never had a horse that had a mane that changed sides at will!

I had a great ride on Faxx yesterday. His back was up and he was taking really good contact. I am starting to ask him to make quicker transitions from canter/trot and walk/canter to start working toward our walk/canter and canter/walk transitions. His turns on the haunches are coming along, as are his shoulder-ins. He needs to go for a lesson soon. Debbie Bowman is coming in January, but I am going to sit this one out since I am on a very fixed income these days. I can take four lessons from Marie for the price of two from Debbie, and I need to get lessons on all three horses in the next few months.

I have to decide by the first week in January if I think Fling is ready to show Fourth level at a recognized show. My test sheet is still in the truck – I need to really read the comments on it and see the movements where she needs work vs the ones she did well.


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