Successful schooling show!

It was threatening rain, and, in fact, a short sprinkle got me cooled off as I was about to get on and start warming Faeryn up at the schooling show this morning. I could have used a bit more time to really get her supple, but I just did not allow enough time for our warmup. I got her right out of her stall where she’d been cooped up all night and put her in the trailer to take her to this show. I love being the first ride when the show does not start until 9. 😉

I really did not know what to think about our ride. It is very difficult for me to  be objective about my performance anymore. I am more critical of myself than any judge. This was our first outing at the more difficult Second Level Test 3. Up to this point, I’ve only shown her 2/1. Second 3 includes shoulder in to renvers, a lot of counter canter work and you have to do a walk/canter transition on the counter leg  each direction ON the rail, and there are turns on the haunches.

Faeryn struggled with one 10m canter circle and broke early but the judge did not seem to notice it. I will say her 10m circles really WERE 10m this time and not 12, as they seemed to be last time.

I was very happy to get a 63% from a fairly tough judge for the ride. and interestingly enough, she got mostly 7s on her canter work and mostly 6s on her trot work. I was happy with 6s on the shoulder-in to renvers but know she can do better on her mediums. She also got 6s on her turns on the forehand, and she should be able to get 7s on those.

She gets next weekend off, and then goes to Great SW for the HDS Schooling Show Championships Dec. 17-18. We are arriving late Saturday afternoon and competing on Sunday.


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