Back to work for Faxx!

Faxx has had a bit of a ‘mini vacation’ the last four weeks. Once he bucked me off, my back hurt too much to ride anything for nine days. And then I knew I could not really ride his trot with a sore back – he is the biggest mover – even at the rising trot. But I got back on him once before I went to Kentucky, and then ‘life’ got in the way. Mike was out of town over the weekend and I did not feel comfortable riding him with no one home. So last night, the stars were aligned for me to get back on Faxx. I don’t really have the anxiety I did the last time he bucked me off. Last time, he reared straight up in the air and then started bucking – it turned out he ws cold backed and I just had been lucky every other time. So for awhile, I had anxiety about just getting on him. In this instance, I knew he was not trying to be naughty when he dumped me- Faeryn charged him when I was riding him in the field and he flew sideways and then started bucking. The thing that bothers me is that now  know I am “0 for 2” on sticking Faxx’s bucking. Fortunately, he really is not a bucker – it is not his first ‘go to’ move when he spooks…which he rarely does.

I did, however, buy him a breastplate for a sturdier ‘sos’ strap – and this one will pull up on HIM when I pull up on IT. Not that I even had time to grab any kind of strap last time.

So, I rode him in the arena and he was Mr. Ho Hum as usual. We ran through the basics and I rode him about 20 minutes. He is very unfit. He had foam between his legs when we finished. Now, it is hotter than usual (so what else is new?) and they already have their winter coats – not that they’re that heavy, but they definitely have more hair than they had two months ago. So I will take it slow and easy and try to ride him 4x a week and gradually get him fit. I do not want to make him sore and make him resent the work.

The short term plan is to get him going well enough to perhaps show first level at the HDS Schooling Show Championships in December. The long term plan is to show him first and second level at the Arabian/Half Arabian Sport Horse National Championships in Kentucky next year.

I write my horse goals down every year. Now is the time to start thinking for goals for next year for each horse.


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