A beautiful day!

I took Fling for a lesson. It’s been awhile since Marie has seen her. We worked on getting her canter more collected and getting her to ‘sit’ more – to improve the changes. Then we actually worked on changes. At home she’s been doing much better – but she is always tougher away from home. So we quit and went back to getting her to really collect and listen to my aids. And then I put her on a 20 meter circle in counter canter and worked on changes that way and it went much better. I showed Marie the beginnings of our half pass zig zag (at the trot) and I got advice on how to make the change from one direction to another. Marie advised me to take 2-3 strides to change the bend and direction at first. And then I showed Marie how I was working on the beginnings of piaffe. Marie thougth I was doing better than I did. LOL. But at one point I felt two strides of real piaffe! So now I know what I am going for. Marie suggested that since Fling wants to ‘levade’ when I restrict her forward movement, to start doing walk ‘jog’ transitions. She said most of the time that is not the way you want to start – but with a horse who stops going forward and wants to levade, that’s the better way to get some piaffe steps.

It was a great session and I was very happy with her. A local farm is having a ‘ride a test’ schooling show in November and I may take her and ride Fourth 1. There are no multiple changes in it, and she can do everything else. And that will give me a better idea of how close she is to being ready to show at a recognized show – like maybe the January HDS show. 🙂


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