More Faeryn naughtiness and other stuff

I scheduled a lesson for myself DURING the week on Thursday. A first! Marie was at a show last weekend, and the Championships are right around the corner. Faeryn is entered in the SWDC and USDF GAIC First level championship classes. I think there are 30 horses in each of our classes. I had not had a lesson on her since Debbie was here last time, and I was not 100% due to my vertebrae fracture.

I had trouble leading her ifrom the barn again on the way to Marie’s. She ALMOST got away from me, even with the chain, but I was close to the fence, and threw my arm around that to stabilize myself so she could not pull away from me. As soon as I got her loaded in the trailer, I called a friend of mine who has dealt with stallions on a regular basis for advice on headgear for Faeryn that I can use to break her of this nasty habit.She suggested a vinyl covered cable, with a clip to permanently attach it to the halter. You then attach the lead rope to a loop in the back of the cable noseband. Like a ‘warning beep’ on an invisible dog fence, she said to give Faeryn a few sharp tugs to let her know what the noseband felt like before she had a chance to try and get away from me. I have not had time to try it yet. I spent more than half the day today working at my condo. I have new tenants moving in tomorrow, and the last tenant just moved out Tuesday. A record turnaround. but I am whooped and did not even have time to ride today.

Anyway, at the last recognized show, I got comments about her being out the shoulder from one judge, and she’s also not as ‘uphill’ at the canter as she can be. The two are related! So we worked on that, and some of the moves from first level just to check where the weak spots are. She worked very well, and I think she will really be ready to show second level at recognized shows next year.

Fling is going for a lesson tomorrow. Her flying changes are getting better. I have not yet managed to get multiple changes on a diagonal yet – but I think it i sjust around the corner. I looked at Fourth Level test 1 and it does not have multiple changes  – just a change at C once you’ve done a canter half pass from centerline to the rail. I am going to ride her through the test and see how it goes. A local barn is having a ‘ride a test’ in November and we will aim for that. If that goes well, I may try and show her at the January HDS show.


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