Faeryn is naughty and Fling is good

Faeryn is never naughty under saddle. She saves her naughtiness for on the ground. And she has a special kind of naughty. She is terribly herd-bound and has learned when I am leading her, if she can whip her head around to the farrrr right, I lose any leverage I might have on her and she can just run off. The horses got all wound up yesterday just as I was going to get her and it took me 20 minutes just to get her in the barn. She got away from me TWICE before I finallly gave up and went and got the chain for her nose. She only got away from me in the small fenced area in front of the barn, so it as not hard to catch her, but very aggravating. Even after I put the chain over her nose, she still got away from me once. I finally figured out that if I led her from the RIGHT side instead of the left, it confused her and she did not try it. But every time she did get away taught her a bad lesson. From now on I am going to have to put the chain over her nose and be very careful. It is not that she does not want to WORK. It is that she does not want to lead her HERD. I have the same trouble loading her in the trailer to go somewhere. Of course, once I got on her, she was perfect. It was the first time we’d had a big rain on my arena since I had work done on it in APRIL. It was amazing what the rain did that the dozer could not. The big ‘lumps’ that were left at one end were completely flattened out, and I could see where I needed more dirt in low spots. I could ride in it – but there were places that were squishy where it was low. It still does not have sand on it, and that will help a lot. I am wondering if I might be able to finish the arena myself, just by working a bit at a time. But, to make it really right, I have to have a good rain to ‘check’ my work. They are saying despite the nice rain we had, that this drought may go on for several years.

When I got laid off, I promised myself I would get on a schedule and get up and ride in the morning. What I did not count on was how late the sun rises. I cannot reallly ride until 7 or so. Today was the first day I did not have something first thing to do. I rode Fling and she was SUPER. At one point I did a canter half pass and then just went straight, and then, on a whim, I asked for a change, and got a calm, clean, straight one!  And got two others the same way during my ride. I gave her a peppermint, praised her highly and quit, ready to tackle another day working on the monumental task of organizing my home office, making contacts and reworking my resume.




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