Rain, beautiful rain!

We have been in a record drought – the worst EVER single year drought in our history. Our pond has been dry for months and the grass in our pasture was almost gone. Finally, yesterday and today it rained. And rained. And rained. Nice steady drizzle for hours and hours. I have no idea how much we got, but I do know it’s the first time we’ve gotten more than 1 inche of rain since last winter.

Before the downpour this afternoon, I rode Fling and got some valuable insights on our flying changes. She was changing late in general, or not at all, and getting very crooked. I realized she needs clearer aids from me, and they need to be the same every single time. So, the aids that worked seemed to be keeping her very straight across the short diagonal, half halt, and then carefully bend her to the new direction, and think ‘leg yield’ with my ‘new’ inside leg and swing my new outside leg a bit further back than I had.. The subtle leg yield cue was what was I was missing. I learned to do this a few years ago from Pam Grace and had gotten out of he habit of it. This one small step gets them off their shoulder in the direction of the new lead just enough to be able to lift the shoulder and change easier. I got two prompt, clean changes across the diagonal and quit for the day, a happy camper. And even happier when the skies opened up and it poured, then drizzled all day long.

It’s been a perfect day for trying to bring some order of the chaos in my home office – sorting through all the stuff I brought home from my office of 21 years, and trying to get organized enough to think straight and rewrite my resume and put together a portfolio web site.

Tomorrow I am going to a 2-hour class on my semi-new Droid phone. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to go to a class t learn to use a phone, but I know it does much more than I realize and I know there are tons of shortcuts I do not know about.

Hopefully my arena will be dry enough to ride Faxx in tomorrow.


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