Faeryn is qualified for Regionals!

Maybe the headline SHOULD have been “It’s under 100!”  That is certainly more noteworthy news!! It was actually pleasant in Conroe today, where Faeryn and I are showing in the HDS Labor Day show. I really completely forgot what pleasant weather was all about!! Even in the outdoor warmup, in the sun, it was not bad at all. The competition arena was a ‘coliseum’ type affair, completelty enclosed and dark and the horses could not see any other horses from in there. Faeryn handled it much better than Faxx would have, and when I was schooling here in there on Friday, she did not even have a problem with it when the other lone horse left and she was by herself.

She actually won her first class with a 65 this morning – First level test 1.  In our second class – the qualifying class for the championships in NOvember, I had a senior moment and went off course. I’ve only ridden this test about ten times this year! Oh well. I was really sweating it, worrying that we would not get the 62 we need for our second and final qualifying score for the championships. I was shocked and happy when someone told me we had a 65.8 for second place! Without the -2 deduction for the error of course, it would have beeen a 67. The best part was the comment from the judge: “Wonderful partnership.” Glad someone else can see what I feel!

There is plenty of room for improvement. She is swtill getting 6s on her canter and trot lengthenings. She needs better fitness (the weather in August did not help that) and she needs to be stronger. You might think those are one and the same, but they are not. The strength comes in her ability to carry herself better and to use her hind end more – which will result in her being more uphill and hopefully have more activity and engagement behind. The fitness comes into play in the last third of the test when she really runs out of gas. I have been wanting to take her to the beach for a long time now, to walk and trot through the shallows. that will help in BOTH fitness and strength. Maybe next weekend!

Tomorrow I have two more rides, but the pressure is off and this will be strictly for practice – and hopefully THIS TIME I will not go off course!


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