Fling and Flying Changes

Although I have not been riding her (or anyone!) much, Fling continues to work well. I have decided to tackle the flying changes ‘head on’ and make them a focus every time I ride her.  Sometimes you just have to ‘do it!”

Her half pass trot work is very, very good –  in fact, she is doing a quite respectable half pass ‘zig zag’ now, and now I am working to make the canter half pass equally as good. I think that will also help her in her flying changes because part of her issue with the flying changes – and the half pass – is that she gets strong at the canter and does not want to listen to my half halts.

Marie also suggested that at this point she also needs to be stronger to the LEFT – which is a good sign, since for the past year, I’ve been focusing on the RIGHT.

I’ve been doing a ton of haunches in to the left, turn on the haunches to the left and half pass to the left, since she is weaker in those movements that direction and pretty much always has been.

And still, another issue with flying changes is she is still getting ‘wound up’ about them. I cannot do more than one flying changes on a straight line. We do one and it’s off to the races. So, for now, I am doing serpentines of three loops, with a flying change at each change of direction. You would think that would be HARDER, but with Fling it is actually much easier than doing them across the diagonal because I can keep her more in control through the bending. My plan – which may or may not work! – is to get her SO bored with doing flying changes this way that she will be less excitable when I start working on them on a straight line again.


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