Report from Arab/Half Arab Sporthorse Regionals

It is almost unbearably hot in Waco. They have had triple digit temps here for something like 32 days in a row now. It has hovered between 103 and 105 each day. The barn isn’t too bad in the morning, but heats up in the afternoon.The only thing that makes it tolerable is that they have those Big Ass fans. Yes, that is the company name. They are so big they look like airplane propellers and they really make a difference. We requested stalls that are directly under one of them. The show arena is ‘air conditioned’ down to about 80, which makes wearing a wool show coat miserable but not dangerous.

Yesterday Faxx competed in the in-hand classes.  He is totally bored with showing in hand and it shows. He is Mr. Perfect when I am schooling him outside of the ring (which I do very infrequently since he IS so  bored with it) but when we got into the ring, it was fidget, fidget, fidget. They have to go in by themselves, and they can’t see any of the other horses in the warm up area from the ring. That is what Faxx hates most about it, I think. Anyway, I did lunge him prior to showing him, like i did at Spindletop, and I think that made a difference in getting better movement out of him. And it’s a good thing that movement counts more than conformation, since he wiggled around so much I don’t know how the judge even could tell much about his conformation. But, he was Reserve Champion in the Open class, and the Champion only beat him by .2 points.  Next was the  Amateur to Handle class. The horse that beat him in the open class was not in the ATH class, so I was hopeful he would win – and he did, with a score that was .2 higher than the first class.

Today was Sport Horse Under Saddle, Faxx’s favorite class since all he had to do was walk/trot/canter around with ‘friends.’ He is much happier when he has company in that big arena! He had a good go the first class except for one small bobble when I asked for just a bit too much trot and got a stride or two of canter. I did not think the judge saw it, so was not too worried. There were several horses he had never competed against in this class. I was happy when we were named part of the Top 5, and even happier when he was named Champion!  We had about a 15-minute break and then we went back in the ring for the SH Under Saddle Amateur To Ride class. This was a bigger class – and I was a little worried about traffic, but had a better ride (I thought) than the first trip. Faxx was taking better contact and we had no bobbles. And he won that one too!

You can see a picture of our ‘loot’ so far below. Even better, we’ve earned prize money! More than $300 so far, which will help defray our entry fees!

Tomorrow is dressage. He has not performed well in this venue – the combination of not being able to see any other horses while he’s in the ring, and also that it’s ‘air conditioned’ and is about 15 degrees cooler than the warm up area. Both of those factors tend to make him tense. He also has only shown First level a few times – and only once at a recognized show. We will just do the best we can and learn from the experience.




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