Clinic with Fling — and video!

For several months now, I’ve been feeling frustrated with Fling. Well, actually, the frustration lies more in my (lack of) ability than with Fling. I just felt that I’d gotten into the habit of ‘kicking and pulling’ on her and constantly nagging her to stay round and to the bit and forward, etc. etc.  I was beginning to feel she did not love her job anymore – and it was my fault. I remembered a time when I could get her to half halt – even at the canter – just by sitting up and using my core and ‘stilling’ my seat for a moment. And try as I might, I could not seem to ‘find’ that place again.

I have not had as many lessons on her as I really needed. It’s been difficult to get lessons other than my once-a-month clinics with Debbie Bowman. In truth, I have too many horses for someone who works full time, has to commute two hours a day and is gone a total of 11 hours a day AND has a fairly large property to maintain, plus three rent properties where there always seems to be at least ONE project underway!

Between my schedule and Marie’s schedule I hadn’t been able to take Fling there for a ‘diagnosis and tuneup.’  I tried last weekend – I took Faxx on Saturday and planned to take Fling on Sunday but discovered a a low tire on my trailer Saturday evening – it turned out to be a nail in my tire, so forget hauling 45 minutes away. And I know better than to try and change a trailer tire by myself. I can get the trailer up on the ramp, and I can get the old tire off, but no way can I hold the spare up and line up the holes on it with the posts on the rim. So, no lesson with Fling.

So I went into the clinic very bummed out, feeling that we were going backwards instead of forwards. I’ll write more later, but here’s the video.


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