Projects – and Happy Birthday Faeryn!

You can tell I’ve been busy when I go two weeks between postings. I’ve been riding every day, despite the heat, but also have many projects going on. Mainly, painting cabinets for the half bath/utility room remodel that is going on over at my ‘pink house,’ the 1920s farmhouse on 5 acres that I owned before I got married. I am very attached to the place and could not bear to sell it when I got married. Can you see why? It’s a dollhouse of a place.

But it wasn’t always like this. It was a real fixer-upper when I bought it. It’s now rental property and I have some great people living there. The tenants are doing the remodeling – they did the full bath right before they moved in and it turned out great.

I have cabinets/doors/drawers spread out in every available space in our garage. I am a little anal about painting cabinets. These were unfinished oak-faced cabinets. I sanded them thoroughly, then primed them, sanded between each coat, and then put about 3 or 4 coats of oil-based paint, sanding between each coat. There is a 24″ sink base, a 24″ 4-drawer cabinet base, a 24″ wide and 6′ tall ‘pantry’ (although here it’s going to be a linen closet) with two cabinet doors and two drawers, and a 24″ wall cabinet. I took all the doors off everything to paint, too. And since it’s oil based, you have to wait 24 hours between coats. I’m just about finished painting and now am drilling holes to install the cabinet pulls.

And, I almost forgot – in fact, I did not remember until I was getting ready to feed them last night – but yesterday was Faeryn’s 6th birthday! And weirdly, when I actually remembered, it was almost exactly the time she was born – 7 p.m.! It was a Sunday evening when she was born, too, and was totally unexpected. Based on how long Lisa carried Fling, I did not think she was due for another two weeks. Mike and I came home from a movie, I went outside to ride, and found Lisa lying down in the round pen, obviously in labor! It was a difficult one, and, in fact, I thought Faeryn was dead already. I had to ‘pull’ her into the world! When she landed on the deeply bedded stall floor, she took a huge gasp of air. Here’s a picture of her ‘just born.’

 There was a Debbie Bowman clinic this weekend and I rode all three horses. Mike even took video and I will post some video clips, along with a clinic report, as soon as I can.


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