Faeryn scores two 9s at a recognized show!

When Faeryn scored a 9 on her free walk from L graduate Pam Grace at a schooling show June 5, I just thought Pam was being generous. But Saturday, at the HDS June Show I, Faeryn scored 9s for her free walk in both first level tests under judge Alexsandra Howard! I knew the person scribing for me, and she told me later that those were the only 9s the judge had given all day. And, when the judge told the scribe ‘9’ for the free walk on Faeryn’s second test, she asked my friend, “Is that the same horse I gave a 9 to earlier?”  And when my friend said yes, the judge said “Well, she has a fabulous walk.”

She DOES have a fabulous walk. Of course, the trouble with those fabulous walks is that they usually show up as the horse is walking around the pasture! LOL! Truly, every time I watch Faeryn walking in the pasture, I think “Marilyn Monroe walk.”  Faxx has a very good walk, too – but not as good as Faeryn’s. So I was very happy that her back is loose and supple enough that her fabulous walk is now sometimes making an appearance under saddle!

A complete update on the show later – she did not get both of the qualifying scores she needs for the GAIC championships. She worked better on Saturday, but Sunday’s showing was accompanied by a brief naughty Faeryn moment, and some puzzling judging – something I do not experience very often.

Also, there was a photographer at this show and I actually had time to sit down and view proofs she already had set up to view on a large-screen TV. There were some GREAT pictures of Faeryn and I kept scribbling down numbers…wondering how much money I was going to end up spending on photos and how I was going to choose just a few — and then realized for $75 I could get a CD with ALL of the photos she took! I can’t wait!  I think I am also going to get her to come out on a farm call this fall and get some really good pictures of me on Fling. I don’t have a single photo of me dressed up in my coat on Fling.

Yesterday I ran across an entry in a training diary I was keeping when Faeryn was just starting under saddle. One excerpt seemed either amazingly coincidental, or maybe I really did know what I was talking about:

I put my foot in the stirrup (I am so short, even with the mounting block I could not just lie over her without using the stirrup) and she didn’t care…so draped myself over her and patted her all over her sides, etc. I think she thought I was an idiot. “Get on, already,” she seemed to be saying. So I slowly sat up on her….and absolutely nothing happened. Feeling brave, I told my husband to just lead us around the round pen. The incredible thing was, Faeryn did not feel like a wobbly green horse underneath me. She walked along confidently and with a walk that felt like a 9 to me! Five minutes and we were done, and I was feeling pretty smug and darn proud of Faeryn.

One thing hasn’t changed. I’m still feeling pretty darn proud of Faeryn – despite the semi-disappointing show results from this weekend.




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