More good rides

Fling was great the other night. Super, super half pass at canter.

I rode Faeryn today (only time for one today since I had to spend most of the day helping my parents with a garage sale) and it occured to me that she is beginning to feel like a second/third level horse. Her trot is really collected and ‘dancy’ and the shoulder-ins are getting easier. I’m doing ‘baby’ half pass at walk with her and she’s starting to get the idea.

 I really love riding her and I am so grateful I decided to breed her mother, Lisa, to Frohwind again. I didn’t even ‘ask’ my husband about it – my philsophy with such things is it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. 😉  At the time, Fling was four years old and I was having a super time riding her. Lisa was 16. I knew I did not have a big window of opportunity for another one. Lisa had a difficult time giving birth to Faeryn – I actually thought Faeryn was dead, it took so long, and her tongue was hanging out and blue. I was in touch with my vet by phone and he told me to pull the foal since the labor had gone on for so long. You normally are told never to pull the foal. Fortunately all I really had to do was grasp her by the ankles and pull gently downward and she slid right out. Her shoulders were apparently hung in the birth canal. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact she was dead, and was thrilled when I pulled her out and she landed on the shavings with a PLOP – she also took a huge gulp of air! It certainly trumped any disappointment I might have had that she was not a pinto like her older sister. I got my second choice, anyway – a bay filly with four socks. I remember that like it was yesterday – hard to believe it was almost six years ago.

Next weekend I am taking Faeryn to a schooling show to have another go at First level and see how she does. I want to qualify her for the USDF Championships in November, but want to get a few schooling shows under our belt before I take her to a recognized show.



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