Triple play day!

I think I only sat down today to drive somewhere, sit on a horse, or eat a meal!

I rode all three horses today – a lesson on Faeryn (Fling goes tomorrow) and rode Fling and Faxx.

Happy to report great progress with Faxx. Today he took very quiet contact – the only chomping he did was at the very first, at the free walk, and while he was waiting for me to untack him when we were done. It’s hard to figure out what exactly to do in a round pen except go round and round in circles, but I’ve been trying to mix it up. Also trying to ‘challenge’ him with tougher stuff – not tough physically necessarily, as he is not in great shape. Right now he needs to learn to do shoulder-in, turn on the haunches (just big one for now), haunches in, renvers, walk/canter transitions and ‘forward and back’ at trot and canter. I can do all of those in the round pen, but the shoulder in is the most problematic. I personally have a tough time doing it on a circle – just can’t get a good mental picture of it on the circle. I don’t think lateral work is going to be a problem for Faxx. He is already doing a pretty good schooling turn on the haunches, and occasionally nails a smaller one that’s pretty close to competition quality. I am feeling we are more ‘in sync’ finally – I really felt like I’d completely forgotten how to ride him! He is much different than my other two. I guess it’s like two dance partners who have a long history, but haven’t danced together in awhile. It just takes a little time and then before you know it, you’re completely in step again! 


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